The majority of businesses these days need a Structured Cabling Network; a series of cables and sockets that all connect back to a patch panel that make it possible to connect a Router, Server, Telephone System, Handset, PC, indeed any device necessary to provide access to the outside world for voice and data purposes.

If you think of white face plates that you can plug your Phone or PC into at one end (the office), and the ‘spaghetti junction’ that these sockets link back to at the other end, normally referred to as the comms cabinet, this is a Structured Cabling Network.

Our engineers specialise in the installation, termination and testing of Cat5e and Cat6 cabling networks, which caters for both voice and data requirements, as well as Fibre Optic cabling installations, which we install where there is a requirement to provide a data connection at a distance greater than 90metres from the comms cabinet.

As you might expect, as a ‘voice company’ we can also install voice only CW1308 cabling installations, the more traditional ‘BT style’ wiring that you might find at home or in offices where telephone systems were installed a number of years ago, prior to the emergence of structured cabling.

Add to this services such as socket moves, re-jumpering, cabinet auditing, re-patching, network testing and the supply of all cabling related leads and materials, if you have the need to add to or change anything in relation to voice and data cabling we will be happy to advise or assist you.

Ladybird Voice Solutions, installers of Cat5e, Cat6, Fibre Optic, CW1308 Cabling in Suffolk, Essex, London and the surrounding areas.

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