SIP Trunks provide a flexible alternative or backup to ISDN Telephone Lines for making and receiving calls.

For businesses that have already invested in a decent data connection such as EFM or a Leased Line, the ability to utilise spare bandwidth for voice purposes is appealing.

The cost of SIP Trunks in terms of ongoing rentals is much cheaper than the traditional alternatives and additional lines can be activated immediately via licensing, rather than having to wait for additional lines to be physically installed.

SIP Trunks can be connected to most modern Telephone Systems via SIP Trunk Licenses and the expertise of the associated Telecoms and IT Support teams.

Companies wanting to utilise existing data connections, reduce ongoing rental costs, retain telephone numbers when moving to an area outside of the local exchange, introduce a Disaster Recovery plan or simply scale up and down the number of available telephone lines on a seasonal basis, SIP Trunks are a tried and tested means of achieving this.

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