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Plumbing Contractor, Enfield

Ladybird Voice Solutions have managed the Fixed Line and Telecoms services for a large plumbing contractor with offices in Hertford and Enfield for a number of years.

Recent changes to the business saw the need for the provision of some virtual 01 and 02 numbers and a Freephone 03 number, which Ladybird Voice Solutions provided.

These numbers help to present a Local and National appearance to potential customers and enable the client to advertise within local publications, despite not being based in those areas.

Ladybird Voice Solutions manage the routing of the numbers so they automatically divert to the relevant members of staff or out of hours service on specific days and at specific times.

This has removed the potential for human error, in terms of manually diverting lines, something that is immensely important to the business due to the national contracts they have in place and Service Level Agreements that need to be met by them.


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